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Patrick Kucera, The Entrepreneurial Evangelist:

STARTING IN BUSINESS while still in grade school, Patrick "PK" Kucera spent his childhood reading the legendary “secular” self-help books regarding sales, marketing and motivation.

In August of 1988, Patrick read about the financial and political success of King Solomon found in the best-selling book of all time... The Word of God. He discovered what he now calls “God’s Economy.”


Overnight, PK set out to encourage and empower people to monetize their God-given gifts and maximize their God-given potential, but giving God all the credit as the original author and true source of success.


“I want to teach you how to work with Almighty God in your pursuit of having to make the almighty dollar."

Given the creativity of an entrepreneur and the charisma of an evangelist, PK is internationally recognized and a sought after speaker for the “Non-Profit” and “For Profit” worlds.


His innovative ideas and intriguing concepts have captured the attention of professionals at the highest levels of business.


Bringing “sacred solutions” to “secular problems” is the reason "The Revival of Revenue” concepts have been promoted and touted by authorities on Wall Street.


PK has addressed and advised global leaders at the World Prayer Conference held at the United Nations.

PK WAS BORN in 1967 and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. He excelled in athletics and academics and was already making money in small ways from home as a young entrepreneur. In 1986, PK graduated from Creighton Prep High School and went on to Creighton University where he met his teenage sweetheart, Mari, on their very first day of college.


Patrick married Mari in 1990 and the Kuceras have experienced all the joys and humor involved with raising six children—as well as the wrenching heartache and anguish of burying two other children—Patrick and Michaela.


Since 1990 they have been involved in numerous business and ministry ventures, serving in various capacities: senior pastor, church planters, life coaches, business owners and consultants, missionaries and global entrepreneurial evangelists.

PATRICK AND MARI have personally baptized and discipled hundreds, led thousands of people to Christ and introduced the masses to the wisdom of God’s Word across America, Asia, Africa and around the globe.


Today, Patrick and Mari reside and operate their businesses and ministries from the heart of America in Kansas City, Kansas. Their faith in God has been truly tried and proven by fire through these personal, professional and pastoral experiences.

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Announcing PK's Upcoming Book!
Patrick Kucera's book cover of The Revival of Revenue

The Revival of Revenue:

You and The New American Dream

SOMETHING has gone terribly wrong with the American Dream.


In a non-polarizing, surprisingly bipartisan way, PK shows you how to start dreaming again and achieve what he is calling “The New American Dream”. 

In The Revival of Revenue, PK provides the cure by "reviving the entrepreneurial spirit that birthed America and eradicating the entitlement mentality that is destroying her."

With original thought and fresh perspective, PK challenges conventional wisdom by showing you...

  • How to rebrand, recreate, and redefine you and your business opportunities to get your life "inTheJetstream" — Getting inTheJetstream is all about increasing the value of your time and the speed at which you do business.

  • How to self-empower, self-educate and self-employ to "Create Your Own Economy" in the only economy that you control—your personal economy! 

  • How to maximize, monetize and market your God-given gifts to create a Revival of Revenue for you!

With countless stories and helpful visual blueprints, PK lays out proven strategies and 
revenue-generating ideas to help you create your "Revival of Revenue"!

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